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Allen Browne’s Database Training

How to update Trusted Location Settings in Microsoft Access

Interesting video on History of punched card in data processing 

Please refer to Project Notes under Assignments for Additional Tips/Tricks

The Project Notes folder contains various tips/tricks that you may find helpful as you finish up your projects.

One tip in particular, “How to update Trusted Location Settings in Microsoft Access”, is essential so you need to make sure you have done that, otherwise, none of your command buttons will work.

TOAD data modeler replaced by

TOAD data modeler (freeeware software)

Download TOAD Data Modeler software


(This is an older version that does not expire after 30 days.) While this version no longer reliably exports sql needed to generate a database [when TOAD is running on current version of Windows 10], it does generate an ERD that will meet our needs.

TOAD Data Modeler videos

Introduction to Toad Data Modeler

How to create a model in Toad Data Modeler

How to generate reports in Toad Data Modeler

NOTE: The ability to generate documentation for your database design in HTML format is a great way to create content for your online portfolio!

Link to MS-Access installation instructions

PDF versions of CIT-170 textbooks

Database Design Second Edition

DBMS Textbook

Database Design for mere mortals

KCTCS Library Update